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What We Offer

A free quality, high speed, full colour A3 -A4 Toshiba photocopier with copy, print & scan.

Customers simply Tap for credit and print as usual . All responsibility for servicing, paper and toner is ours.

We will promote your Café, Pub or Business by promoting you and our machine

What You Receive

  • We provide fully functional office Photocopiers with complete service support and assistance.
    Best of all we do this with no cost to the host, our machines are free to lease.
  • Each machine is fitted with a Nayax Credit card Tap system that provides safe Tap and Pay transactions to Customers. The machines charge per page at 50c per Colour and 10c per Black and White.
  • We have also integrated a built-in network that allows our machines to scan to email and connect to the internet without the need for a host internet connection.


  • Fast Colour and B&W Printing, copying, and scanning.
  • A4 and A3 page formats
  • Scan to email and USB
  • Easy to use 9-inch touch screen
  • Mobile phone printing capabilities
  • Laptop to USB connectivity
  • Available formats; JPEG. TIFF. PDF. Slim, XPS
  • Double sided printing

About Us

Freelease Pty Ltd are a long-established Company with over 20 years’ experience in the photocopier industry.

After years in Photocopiers leasing and maintenance, we have redesigned our approach to hassle free photocopying.

We have developed a simple tap and unlock method of photocopying rather than the traditional prepayment cards.

Simple and easy to use they have allowed us to provide our services to customers in Embassies, shared offices, libraries, cafes and more across the country, without the need for long term Photocopier contracts.

Benefits for Business

  1. No obligations, binding agreements, or cost.
  2. Simple and easy to use
  3. Covid safe, they limit your staff handling customers information
  4. Easy access to printing, copying, and scanning functionality
  5. Secure safe payment system

Cafes, Pubs and Hotels

Do you want to bring in more Customers?

Set up you Café, Pub, Hotel or Club as a work hub where we supply the equipment and paper for free.

All responsibility is ours. Nothing for you to do except watch your customers grow

Embassies Court Houses or Libraries

If you have customers who ask for “Just one Copy” then this is perfect for you.

No more being pestered- No cost at all.

We look after everything

Business Hotels and Accommodation

We can supply for Free the Multifunction Coper which you are currently paying for.

Connected to your current WIFI if a guest can see your WIFI they can Print and Scan

Sending a job with a private print the guest can TAP their credit card and using a password release their print job.

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